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In business, as well as in life, we always want to make the best first impression.  But, are your written works as good as they could be?  Is your proposal good enough to win the contract?  Is your research paper written well enough to be published?  When you want your work to represent how good you really are, an experienced editor can be very helpful.

With twelve years of editorial experience, I can help you reach your goals with your written communications needs - whether you need help with your masters' thesis or government contract proposal or anything in between.  My services include editing, copy editing, proofreading, technical editing, and formatting.

As a seasoned editor, I can fine tune your documents so that you can properly convey your message in a clear and professional manner.  I can re-craft your words (in keeping with your own voice) so that you can be proud of your work.

Please feel free to browse this website for information on my editing services, as well as my previous experience.  I look forward to helping you with your written communications needs.  To contact me, please go to the "Contact" page or e-mail me at


Sylvie H. Alvarez

Referral Bonus
If you refer a new client to me, I will credit your account with an amount equal to ten percent of how much the referred client pays me.  You can then apply this credit toward the fees for your next submission.  All you need to do is ask the new client you are referring to mention your name in the "referred by" section on the "Request a Quote" form.

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