Sylvie Alvarez
Editorial Services

About Sylvie

Over the span of my career, I have held the positions of Editor and Managing Editor, but what I enjoy most is having my own editorial consulting business.  I am an extremely meticulous editor who strives for perfection and I love what I do!  I love to help people attain their goals by portraying the best of who they are through written communication.

Within my twelve years of editorial experience, I have worked on a broad array of projects: military and government publications, training manuals, business proposals, magazine and news articles, brochures, research papers, white papers, masters degree theses and projects, resumes, etc.  My clients include publishers, business owners, subject matter experts in various fields, full-time professionals furthering their education, and individual scholars.

When I am not working on an editing project, I write for Semper Spouse or I enjoy hand sculpting polymer clay jewelry.

If you are searching for someone with meticulous editing skills and a reliable turn around time on your project, please feel free to contact me regarding your written communications needs.  For more information on services and rates, please feel free to contact me at or see the Editorial Freelancers Association's list of Editorial Rates.

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